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C# .Net

My first most used programming language. I love VS! Webdesign, MVC, Visual Studio Team Services and TFS

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PHP and MySQL is used a lot.

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Crawling, statistics, Numpy, AI and deeplearning.



Data science with Hadoop and R. Linux. Android, Deep learning with tensorFlow and Keras in Python.

Graduated in 2017 at Hogeschool Rotterdam

About me

I worked mostly full-stack and specialize in embedded systems with ‘internet of things’. The world is connected with physical objects where I visualize and analyze the data.

For the front-end I use mostly REACT and use a cloud to store the data. I mainly configure the Back-ends in C# but the latest language I used was Node.Js to handle the data.

My skills are not limited to C# and MVC. I also can handle all related to Python, PHP, JAVA, C++, and numerous databases as PostgreSQL, InfluxDB, MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB etc. Also have knowledge about Fsharp, Lambdacalculus, Functional programming, Design Patterns, Security and Algorithms.


If you want some more information do not hesitate to contact me!